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Church Enhancements - Week of July 8

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Church Enhancements - Week 1

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April 21

Dear Parishioners,

Pablo Picasso, the renowned artist from Spain, maintained that every act of creation begins with an act of destruction. He was speaking about the context of artistic creativity in which he believed that for one to be truly creative, something from the past must be destroyed so that something new could be born. This principle not only describes the dynamics of making art, but is also the fundamental teaching of the Christian faith, for we believe that from the death of Jesus, the new life of resurrection dawned.

This conviction is ritually expressed at the Easter Vigil when, at the very beginning of this most solemn annual liturgy, a large fire is lit to represent the Risen Christ whose light shatters the darkness. From the dead elements that are consumed by fire, something living and new comes forth. From this Easter fire, the large Paschal Candle is then lighted so that its flame can then be dispersed to each member of the assembly who, with candle in handle, acclaims Jesus Christ as the Light of the world.

A beautiful hymn text by James Quinn, S.J., frequently sung at the church’s evening prayer, expresses this belief in the following poetic imagery.

Now fades all earthly splendor, The shades of night descend; The dying of the daylight Foretells creation’s end. Though noon gives place to sunset, Yet dark gives place to light: The promise of tomorrow With dawn’s new hope is bright.

The silver notes of morning Will greet the rising sun, As once the Easter glory Shone round the Risen One. So will the night of dying Give peace to heaven’s day, And hope of heaven’s vision Will light our pilgrim way.

So will the new creation Rise from the old reborn To splendor in Christ’s glory And everlasting morn. All darkness will be ended As faith gives place to sight Of Father, Son and Spirit, One God, in heaven’s light.