Children's Liturgy of the Word

During most weeks of the school year at the 9:30 Sunday Mass, children in Kindergarten through Fifth Grade have the opportunity to participate in a specially designed Liturgy of the Word that is age appropriate. This is presided over by a trained adult catechist.

After the Opening Prayer of the Mass, the children are formally dismissed to another room on the church campus where they listen to the Scripture readings and hear a reflection from the catechist. Afterward, the children are led in the Profession of Faith and Universal Prayer. All return to the main body of the church during the Preparation of the Gifts and remain there with their families until the end of Mass.

It should be noted that CLOW is an official ritual action, albeit simplified. It is not a form of Sunday school or nursery. Children who participate in CLOW must be made aware that they are truly at Mass during this time, even though it is in a different location.